Time goes so quickly

I can’t believe it is already February 2016…

I can’t believe it is already February 2016 – but maybe I say that every year. Time just goes so quickly and things that I was determined to get done in January – well – they are now postponed for February. februaryDo you do that? I think, unfortunately, that’s what most of us do. I believe in goals and working for what we really want for tomorrow – and yet, I also believe in living in the present and enjoying the gift of “today.”So, how can you make plans for tomorrow and continue to enjoy and take in all the uniqueness of right now? That takes practice – a practice I am continue to learn and practice.

You have made a goal – a plan – of what you want from your future – that is what keeps us motivated. It’s important to remember that goal. But perhaps the whole goal itself seems overpowering – too much – too big a bite. Can you eat an entire apple all at once? Nope! You have to take bites – and the smaller the bites – the more you get to enjoy the juiciness of that apple. It’s the same with a dream – a goal. Break that goal down into small bites that you can easily chew. Instead of only looking at the end result – see what you can do to feel accomplished with small bites heading toward that goal. And then enjoy and celebrate each small bite.


Celebration is the key to achieving a goal. What? Isn’t the end goal itself the celebration? Yes, it is – but we need to celebrate along the way in order to stay motivated.

Little preschooler boy eat apple, outdoor portrait

Little preschooler boy eat apple, outdoor portrait

I have a client who really enjoys being on her computer and playing games with friends and checking out her Facebook status. Many of us can relate to this. However, she finds hours go by and she has been sitting way too long and not achieved anything that she wanted to get done. My suggestion to her was to make a list of what she wants to get done – dust, vacuum, do the laundry, etc. then next to each one of the these “chores,” she writes down a celebration. Therefore, as she gets a chore done, she can enjoy a celebration right afterward. Dust = Facebook. This does two things. One it gets the chore done and two, causes less guilt in “just” sitting and going through Facebook.

How can you make your goals more fun? One way is to join my fun goal setting (and achieving) class which starts on Saturday, Feb. 6th and goes for 6 weeks (12 hours) with a break between the 5th and 6th session. Put more fun in your goals with this creative, interactive class!dreams

Do you have some ideas how to make goals more fun? Please share.

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