Are you living your dream

Where are you?

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Where are you in your life? That may seem like a weird question – but when you think about it, it does have an answer.

Road through landscape. Road and car travel scenic and sunset.

You grow up, make plans, and then life gets in the way. Life has a way of doing that.

You start out on a road that you believe will lead you to success and then things happen – marriage, children, lack of jobs, health issues, so many things stop you from that ultimate goal you were seeking.

Or, if you were like me, you never really made plans a whole lot further than tomorrow. And then tomorrow came, and another tomorrow, and another until – oh my – years have passed and your no closer to what you thought life was supposed to be like.

I am, more or less, living my dream now. I am doing the work I am passionate about (coaching and hypnotherapy); I have a dog (who is my love), my granddaughter (whom I adore), friends and family.

So, my question is – are you living your dream – now? If not, what is stopping you? Most of the time it is us getting in our own way. We do this by blocking success through self-sabotage – oh yes, we do Self Sabotage ourselves a lot. We also have thought patterns, which focus more on negative rather than the positive. It’s all about the gratitude. Gratitude for what you have produces more and more. It’s also about reframing many of our self-limiting thoughts and self talk.

I am offering you the chance to change 2016 to more of the life you want so that people ask, “Where are you in your life?” you’ll be able to respond – “Exactly where I choose to be.”

To help you move closer to your goals in life, I will be starting my yearly class that will help you to start getting those dreams off of Someday Island and onto the Road to Success. Isn’t it time for you to wake up those dreams and get them moving? If you responded, “yes!” then this class might be just what you have been looking for. It starts on Saturday, February 6th and goes for 6 weeks (last session has a 2 week break.) The information on this is on my website and Facebook page.

Goal Setting

The Power of
Goal Setting

What do you want your life to look like in 2016?

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