It’s all YOUR Fault!

Yup! That’s what we say – a lot! We are masters at blaming others for our headache, bumped knee, lack of exercise, or eating chocolate. We blame everyone for everything – no matter how silly the blaming may be.

We are late for an appointment – it’s all the fault of the construction they HAVE to do during the busiest hours of the day.

“Dinner is late because …….”

“I would have been here on time but ……”

“I have a headache because …..”

And of course we can all relate to “The dog ate my homework.”

In the blame game we even go so far as to blame our children, spouses and parents for all the “stuff” in our life. Purpose Fairy had a great video from Brené Brown about blame which was an inspiration for this blog post. Watch it at:

But what happens when blaming goes so far that we start to avoid responsibility for our own life and the choices we make? As a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist I hear a lot of blaming. Yes, often the abuse, neglect, and poor parenting we received as children does affect our psyche and our life – but we can end the cycle of blaming.

How? By seeking help to end the blame game through counseling, coaching or hypnotherapy. You can get past all the pain and move into a future without the pain from the past.

Think of it this way. Imagine carrying around a backpack everyday – wearing it even when you sleep at night – and this backpack is filled with rocks – lots of heavy rocks. Cumbersome to say the least. Also, probably very painful! When you carry around all the hurt, blame, pain from the past everyday, every year, forever, it is like walking around wearing a backpack filled with rocks. Each rock a weight of anger, pain, guilt and more.

Wouldn’t it be nice to let that backpack drop to the ground – to unload yourself of all the pain of carrying it around?

Of course it would be.

If you are ready to let go – unload – and heal your life – then coaching or hypnotherapy may be the answer you are seeking. Call me for a free discovery session to find out if coaching or hypnotherapy might be right for you.

So, here is my question – what blame/pain are you willing to let go of?

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