Business Coaching for Creatives Helps Creative Solopreneurs Thrive

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Creative businesspeople have their own set challenges and strengths. Through business coaching for creatives, I help you overcome those challenges and build on those strengths.

Who Are Creatives?

Are you a creative? That’s an easy question to answer if you work in the classic arts fields—as a writer, artist, designer, or musicians. But those are not the only business people with a creative approach to their work.

The Core Values Index, which I explore with my clients, categorizes people by their strengths and their approach to their work. Innovators are people who solve problems. Although everyone is different, the Innovator’s strength is more in coming up with ideas than in implementing, documenting or selling their ideas.

A solopreneur always has to fill in for the inevitable gaps in her skill set. Creative people have their own kind of gaps that business coaching for creatives can help.

Challenges of Creative Business People

The idea of the starving artist is so common that it has its own syndrome. Jeff Goins thoroughly debunks it here. The starving artist syndrome is a set of beliefs that:

  1. Artists can’t make enough to live on.
  2. Creative people should have crappy jobs and spend all their free time making art no one will know about until they’re dead.
  3. It’s perfectly OK for friends and family to ask when you’re going to get a “real job.”
  4. Selling your art is “sleazy,” and prosperity is beneath your dignity.

Creative people often struggle with imposter syndrome, the beliefs that they aren’t really good enough and when the world finds out their weakness, the outcome will be disastrous. If that’s you, it gives you something in common with some of the most competent people around.

Business coaching for creatives

Business Coaching for Creatives Can Help

Once creative people accept the fact that they are, indeed, businesspeople, they can begin using their strengths to build a sustainable and prosperous life. Creative business owners need to do what all businesspeople need to do:

  • Find clients
  • Do the work
  • Get paid

Some of the techniques and strategies will be the same as anyone else in business. Owning a website, meeting people in the real world, getting out the message one way or another.

In other ways, the creative business person will bring a unique and exciting vision to the work that can have the more plodding left-brained people copying them.

If you’re a creative person making your way in the world of business, I can help you make your way successfully. I can give you guidance and feedback. Help you overcome the limiting beliefs that so many artistic types struggle with. Help you manage your energy so that you make the most of your life.

Solopreneurs, particularly, will gain perspective about how to make the most of their own gifts and reach out for experience to people who fall into different segments of the Core Values Index.

Business coaching for creatives can make a big difference in your success. Call me or sign up for a free 30-minute discovery session.

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