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I structure my coaching program to meet your needs. Whether you're facing life's ups and downs, taking on new challenges, or trying to make the most of necessary changes, I can help you:

Know what you want

Achieve your goals

Stand up and claim your happiness

At your Free Discovery Session, we talk about where you are and where you want to be and make a plan to help you get there.

Core Value Index

We start with the basics: What do you want from your life? For many of my clients, that's a hard question. They feel so trapped by circumstances that they never stop and ask, "What do I value? What makes me happy? What do I really want?"

As a goal-setting wisdom coach, I recommend the Core Value Index as a powerful tool to help you define your values -- the first step to achieving your goals. Each new client receives the full Core Value Index. Learn more about the Core Value Index

The Core Value Index lays the groundwork for the work we do together.

Choose Your Program

Here are the programs I offer:

12-Week Program to Change

Women's Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Achieving Your Goals and Objectives

Solopreneur Coaching

The Third Act

A 12-Week Program to Change

Something in your life seems off. There has to be more. Instead of spending months or years rehashing your issues, find straightforward ways to conquer those problems.

My clients achieve the longest-lasting success with this 12-week program to change. You'll be amazed at the progress you can make in 12 short weeks -- 3 months. I promise you changes will happen.

Women's Coaching

Many women feel unhappy or unfulfilled, and they're unsure where to go to next.

I listen and help you find your own way to stand up and claim your right to be happy, to live the life you want to live, and to do things that bring you joy. Join me in my Women's Coaching to find true meaning for you.


Relationship Coaching

Being in a new relationship, whether it's a spouse, child, colleague, or business partner, requires new communication skills. Even if your relationship is well established, you and the other person may change over time, so that what was "OK" yesterday may not be so today. I'll help you navigate these changes and bring full meaning to your relationships.


Achieving Your Goals and Objectives

What are you trying to accomplish? If you struggle with goals and objectives or even New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. Making progress is hard, and most people don't have the tools or know-how to go bout achieving goals.

I'll help you get clarity on what you really want to do and how to make it happen for you. You'll have the tools to beat the odds and count your achievements at the end of each day.


Solopreneur Coaching

As a female solopreneur, I understand the many difficulties of starting and running a business. Having been in business since 2006, I know what you are going through. I can help you navigate the journey of a solopreneur. You may be on your own -- and loving it -- but I have learned that you cannot do it alone!


The Third Act

Senior Woman in the Third Act

As a Boomer, I've finally figured out that the third act of life is the best. Like many, I kept focusing on the negative signs of aging, without considering the advantages of growing older?

In The Third Act coaching, you'll get a chance to take inventory of the value of your unique experiences and gifts, and find ways to be happy and useful in later life.


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Goal Setting

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