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My 12-Week Program to Change — How and Why It Works

My clients always achieve the longest-lasting success with my 12-Week Program to Change.

Whatever problem led you to seek out a life coach, you know it took a long time to build, maybe even going back to your childhood.

It can be hard to believe that your turnaround can happen in 12 weeks. After all, counseling can take years.

Changes will happen in 12 short weeks — just 3 months.

How It Works

Before our first session, I will send you paperwork to fill out. This paperwork will help to bring clarity about your goals as you define them. It will also help me know how to best serve you.

Our first session is about 90 minutes long. Together, we go over the paperwork. I get to know you, and we define your goals for our 12 weeks together.

Between sessions, you will work at home to deepen your mastery of the skills you’ll be learning.

Our second and third session are spent getting to know how to coach you best. What do you, personally, need in order to succeed? Our coaching will become more intensive.

Around our fourth session, I will send you the Core Value Index Assessment, which helps you focus in on your core values. It will also help you understand why you react to certain situations the way you do. We will discover how to work with your specific gifts and challenges.

By Week 6, you’ll notice that shifts are happening. We check in to see how things are going and to make sure you’re still moving toward your goal target.

By Week 12, you will be experiencing huge changes in your life, and you will be well on the way to achieving your goals. You will be surprised by the many changes that will take place in your life.





Why 12 Weeks

If you want lasting change in your life, consider this.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, author of the famous 1960s book, Psycho Cybernetics, discovered that it takes approximately 21 days of conscious and consistent effort to create a new habit. However, it is important to remember the word “approximately,” as this really is the minimum. Most recent research states that it can take 66 to 254 days to create a new habit.

Although the creation of a new and healthy habit is a good place to start, it may not be enough to keep the old undesirable habit at bay. According to Michael Lemonick in his July 5th, 2007, TIME cover story “How We Get Addicted,” it takes approximately 90 days “for the brain to reset itself and shake off the immediate influence of a drug habit.”

So if it takes 21 days for the brain to create a new habit but 90 days to lay an old habit to rest, wouldn’t lasting change be more likely if we were to perform our new habit in lieu of an old habit for at least 90 days? This is where the development of my 12-week coaching program came from.

This means that forming and sticking to new habits and routines for 12 weeks is the perfect number to get your Dreams off Someday Island and onto the Road to Success.

Welcome to your new life — the one you desire and deserve!

My past clients tell their story best.

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