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If you're like many women between the ages of 45 and 75, you may be thinking it's time to take a new look at life. Maybe the life you have been living just doesn’t feel like it “fits” you any longer. Perhaps you feel that something is missing.

You feel stuck in old patterns. Maybe now it’s time to “shake things up a bit.”

Possibly you've run a company or a household, but now you know it is time for something more.

Let me ask you some questions:


heartHave you hidden your deepest desires away while you take care of everyone else?

heartHave you spent your life doing what you “need” to do and neglecting your heart’s longings?

heartDo you tend to say “yes,” when you really mean “no”?

heartAre you tired of playing the role of “victim”?

heartIs covering up your feelings and emotions something you “just do?”

Do you call yourself names you wouldn't use to your worst enemy?

heartDo you tend to give more than you receive?

heartDo you feel as if your spiritual core is not being fulfilled?

heartDo you feel your value is more about “doing” than “being”?

heartHave you ever looked around and asked, “Where do I fit in this picture?”

If any of these apply to you, you're not alone. Many women struggle with these challenges and more.

As a coach and hypnotherapist, I listen to women's stories. Most of these stories have the same theme: “I’m unhappy. I’m unfilled. I don’t know where to go next.”

Isn’t it time to stand up and claim your right to be happy, to live the life you want, and to do things that bring you joy?

We each have the potential to live the life we want and deserve.

Let me help you uncover what would create the life you have been longing for. Together we can get your dreams off of “Someday Island” and move them onto the “Road to Success.”

Coaching Sessions

Every session has a spiritual element. We begin with a breathing exercise and short visualization. This helps to take us away from all the “stuff” happening outside and bring us back into our body and makes us ready for our session together.

After this, we spend some time defining your goals for the session. Your intention for each session is of utmost importance. Moving from your intention, we set goals for the upcoming week that will inspire and energize you toward your life as you define it.

My Qualifications

I am a certified life coach and heart-centered hypnotist. I also hold two masters’ degrees (in education and interdisciplinary studies/gerontology). I am a Sage-ing Leader, helping us age with a difference. I am the author of the workbook: The Power of Goal Setting: Transforming Thoughts Into Action!

I look forward to working with you toward your undiscovered life. Find out more about me and how I can help you change your life to one that has you jumping out of bed excited about your day. Schedule a Free Discovery Session with me.

I empower women to weave their dreams into reality!


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