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Personal Life Coaching

Issues Be Gone

You will find coaching to be the most rewarding and amazing experience. Issues you have been struggling with for years will quickly melt away, and you will start taking proactive charge of your life. Meaningful and powerful transformations will start to happen. I am grateful to have experienced extraordinary results in my life through coaching, and now, as a certified coach, I appreciate the opportunity to pay it forward!

Your Helpful Coach

As your coach, wisdom guide and change agent, I will assist you to:

heartAchieve your most pressing goals – the ones you keep putting off because life keeps getting in the way

heartGet unstuck from life’s “sticky” points so you can live the life of your dreams, enhance the quality of your life, and rediscover the joy of living

heartFind ease and peace in times of transition, whether it is job loss, empty nest, or a fading relationship

heartDiscover that the answers you seek are within you as you learn to trust the inner you – the part of you which has the answers to your questions

NOT Counseling

During our coaching sessions, we will focus on the present and on what you can do to create the future you want – NOW!!! Our weekly 50-minute sessions can be either in person or over the phone.

Coaching consists of:

heartFinding ease through transitions

heartRearranging the jumbled jigsaw puzzle of your life back into a beautiful picture

heartAchieving your goals

heartClarifying your values to discover your passion, purpose and mission in life

How It Works

In the most confident and safe environment, as your Coach and Wisdom Guide, I will:

heartAsk provocative questions, to help stimulate new ideas, concepts and creativity

heartOffer open, honest, and necessary feedback that will speed your journey to the life you deeply want

heartInspire you with new ideas, concepts, strategies and frameworks that help reorient around success as YOU define it

heartReceive a complete CVI assessment which will help you know your core values and to understand yourself better

Best of all, I will be there as your guide, mentor, supporter always treating you with honesty and respect.  I’m committed to helping you achieve what you most desire in your life. Schedule a Free Discovery Session with me

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