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Relationship Coaching

Conflict is part of life. Sometimes it's simple to solve — a discussion, an apology, and you move on.

But sometimes the issues get so tangled that it makes life a painful experience of backbiting, recriminations, anger, and hurt.

A relationship is when two or more people work at getting along. A difficult relationship may be between you and:

heartYour children or teens

heartSpouses, significant others or lovers


heartBusiness Associates

heartPeople in dating relationships



A “relationship” is when two or more people work at getting along. When a relationship matters, it’s important to fix the problems — the sooner, the better – before permanent damage can be done.

Conflicts may have many sources:

Money issues

Differences in values

Repeated misunderstandings

Assuming that we understand or are understood

Not listening

Not catching subtle messages from the other person

Sending conflicting signals

Many other communications mishaps

Couple or Group Coaching

Relationship coaching allows the involved parties to sit with a neutral mediator who can notice where communication goes astray.

In this setting, each person can air his or her feelings in the company of a non-partial listener, without interruption. That provides an environment where it’s safe to say what you feel, where a caring and non-judgmental mediator can help make space for real communication to happen.

In this setting, you can also learn new communications skills and discover what your partner in the relationship is really looking for.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching supports you as you learn new communications skills. I can help you de-tangle corrupted communication between friends, workmates and family. Individual coaching also provides you a safe place to air your feelings of confusion, hurt and anger.

Starting a Relationship?

The beginning of a relationship is a perfect time to set good communications habits and parameters for healthy growth in the relationship, wherever it may lead.

Maybe you want to learn how to start dating. Perhaps you have been out of the dating market for a while and want to brush up on your relationship and listening skills.

Maybe you want to learn know the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship.

Perhaps you are thinking about marriage and want to make sure that you enter this commitment with your partner on the same page regarding important issues such as money, children, religion and more.

Relationship Coaching and You

Relationship coaching will equip you to have healthy relationships with the people in your life:

State your needs and wants clearly

Teach people how to treat you — the way you want to be treated and talked to

Rediscover your inner power

Stand up for yourself without yelling

Each person in the session will receive a free Core Value Index Assessment — a $150 value.

Interested in finding out more? Great

Contact me today and let’s talk about how to create healthy relationships in your life.

Interested in finding out more? Great! Contact me today and let’s talk about how to create healthy relationships in your life.

Schedule a Free Discovery Session with me!


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