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What is a Solopreneur?

BusinesswomanPeople ask, "What is a solopreneur?" but you don't have to. You know what a solopreneur is. It's you and the world—you're a one-woman show.

Ultimate freedom, complete responsibility.

  • No boss to make you crazy or keep you on track.
  • No employees to teach you patience or leadership.
  • No board of directors to step on your ideas or give you advice.

Being so completely in charge can be both exhilarating and very lonely.

Sometimes you need a sounding board, a friend, a guide who's been there, who can applaud you where you're already on track and help point out the next steps.

I can be that guide.

I've Been There

As a female solopreneur since 2006, I understand the difficulties that come with starting and running a business.

I started out as a generalist coach and struggled to attract enough clients to make a living. I thought I was doing everything right—networking, newsletters, sample sessions—but I wasn’t getting the traction I knew was possible.

I felt that my business was ready, but something was missing.

I started to question myself: What if my business wasn’t good enough? What if I wasn’t meant to be self-employed?

Even though I was plagued by doubts, I also knew deep inside that my life purpose was to be a life coach.

Finally, all the work began to pay off. I found my niche. I found women who needed and wanted my help. My business started to grow and prosper.

What led to this success? Coaching.

Coaching helped me out of my dark situation, and I know it can help you.

Clarity, Courage, and Transformation

I learned from the successes and failures of my own business, and now I enjoy teaching and sharing what I have learned the hard way.

In my coaching, I share the philosophies, frameworks, structures, and business processes that I have learned through the many master coaches, business strategists, online experts, and brand editors that I have worked with over the years.

Now, I want to share this knowledge with you!

I guide female solopreneurs in moving forward with clarity and courage, so they can consistently make decisions about their business (and life) from a place of integrity, intuition, and inner wisdom.

Let's Work Together to Build the Life You Want

If you are a solopreneur with a deep appreciation of transformational inner work, open to holistic strategies that align with your core values, and willing to go the distance by working with a strategic partner who can tap into your inner wisdom, contact me today.

Let’s dive deep into the grander vision you hold for your life and business. I offer an unwavering focus on you, and together, we will help you enjoy the freedom of the solopreneur life, without the pitfalls of going it alone.

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