The Third Act In Life

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The Third Act - Do you know what it is?

The Third Act

As a Boomer, it took me a while to realize that the third act of life is really the best. Like many, I kept focusing on the negative signs of aging:Sageing

heartA zigzag of facial liness
heartSagging body parts
heartFeeling ignored – nearly invisible
heartAnd, where did my juicy sexy self go?

The Best Time is Now!

But what about the advantages of growing older?
heartWisdom to know what is important and what is not

heartSeeing the humor in little things

heartTaking the time to really notice what is beautiful in the world

heartAnd realizing that rushing does not really get you there any faster

These are the joys of growing older! The problem starts when we enter this thing called “older” and have no idea how to go about enjoying it.

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A Whole New Way of Aging!

We Boomers are inventing a whole new way of aging – a way different from our parents or grandparents. We are living longer than our grandparents even thought possible. But how do we do it? And, what is the purpose of these extra years? The question may be to ask is, “Who am I ‘being’ with the rest of my life?” Maybe these extra years are for a time of introspection. We want our lives to matter!

The Best Time is Now!

Many of us around 50 experience what is now being called PTG (Post Traumatic Growth). Basically, something happens in our life that transforms us. We can feel it! We know we are changed in some way. Whatever the cause, we know we must now search for new meaning to our life.

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