The Third Act In Life

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The Third Act: Making the Most of Our Lives

Senior Woman in the Third Act

Our baby boom generation has had an incredible run. We’ve had longer, healthier, and more active lives than any generation before us. We’ve had financial, cultural, and political power, and in many ways, we have changed the world.

But now, as we hit retirement age, we face unfamiliar changes:

  • A zigzag of facial lines
  • Sagging body parts
  • Forgetfulness
  • Feeling ignored — and nearly invisible
  • And wondering, “Where did my juicy, sexy self go?”

All our lives, we’ve been charting new territory, and this is no time to stop. It’s up to us to model conscious aging, “Sage-ing,” so that we live in a way that is meaningful for ourselves and contributes value to our communities.

As a certified leader with Sage-ing International, I share their goal of wanting to help you find a new model of aging. I’ll help you see the advantages of growing older:

  • Wisdom to know what is important and what is not
  • Seeing the humor in little things
  • Taking the time to really notice what is beautiful in the world
  • And realizing that rushing does not really get you there any faster

We are living longer than our grandparents dreamed possible. Let's make the most of these "extra" years as we ask, “Who am I being with the rest of my life?”

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