December 9, 2012

This has been a busy year – as most years seem to be (remember being bored??). In 2012 I finally completed my second master’s degree – Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and Certificate in Gerontology – from Marylhurst. My “hiccup” with completing my thesis on Intergenerational Communities has been dealt with, and my 137-page document to my education is now available for the reading public.

During this year I also started my yearlong training in the Sage-ing Leadership program with Sage-ing International. This is a wonderful program that is based on the book by Reb Zalman, From Age-ing to  Sage-ing. Addressing various aspects of age-ing, the 15 separate topics include:

heartExpanding Consciousness – what does aging look like?

heartLife Review – looking over your life, remembering, allowing regret, joy and love flow through you

heartForgiveness – repairing relationships with yourself and others

heartEmbracing mortality – preparing for the next journey

heartCreating a legacy – how you want to be remembered

heartGifts of the Emerging Elder – addresses your spiritual self

My goal is to use my training in gerontology, combined with my coaching, and my certification as a Sage-ing Leader to address the issues most of us face as we get older; namely, how do we do it? Most of us did not come with a manual on how to age – and the media is not making any of this process any easier. We are told that nothing about our age-ing selves is okay. Mostly, what we are told is to fix everything. I believe there is something more to life than fixing every wrinkle and sag and worrying that we might be getting dementia. What do you think?

As part of my own inner work, I have started counseling to rid myself of any left over “stuff” from my childhood dramas/traumas. I am not going through “typical” talk counseling, but instead, I found a doctor who uses some more modern techniques, such as EMDR.  Along with everything else, I have been studying the Enneagram and finding out how my number (which appears to be a 7) affects many of the decisions I make in life.  Along with all of this, I am exploring my heritage through studying the Jewish Faith at the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School.

I have not been ignoring my business, Wise Heart Coaching. Instead, I have been working on my website, and rebuilding it from the bottom – up. I hired a graphic artist to create a logo for me, which I love. She also created business cards for Wise Heart Coaching and a new cover for my book, The Power of Goal Setting – Transforming Thoughts Into Action!  To go along with the cover, I went over the inside and corrected and updated where needed.  To get me through all of this, I have also hired a life coach to help me get my business back up to rock and roll status.

I am very excited about all these changes.

Now, I would like to ask for your help in any way that you can. Here are some ways that I could really use your assistance:

heartLook over my website and tell me what you think. Does it interest you? Is it boring in places? Does it flow nicely? What do you like? What do you think could be changed? There are also several free e-series your can sign up for as well as articles that can         be downloaded.
heartLet me do a free Sage-ing Workshop for you. I cannot graduate until I do several workshops – so I am really looking for “gigs.” What is really cool is that I cannot charge for these workshops until I graduate, so they are FREE until July 2013.
heartDo you have something you would like to work on? If so, let me coach you so that I can get back into the swing of coaching.

heartDo you have a friend who could use coaching? A friend or family member who is having difficulty with his or her age-ing? Please let them know about me.

heartIf goals have been something that you set each year only to find it more of a chore than fun, then maybe the new edition of my book will help.

Anything that you can do to help me get my business up and running will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much my dear friends for all your continued support.

Love ya,


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