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Unpredictable health flair-up’s

Chronic health issues – especially when the symptom flare-ups are unpredictable – can really disrupt your life. It is made worse if you have a family to take care of, a job that you must attend to, and just daily living chores. I get it.

Why do I “get it?” My story!

I have lived with an unpredictable illness for 41 years and I have nearly died so many times, that I have actually lost count. If I am a cat – humm, not sure how many more lives I have left.

I actually have a few chronic diseases – fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Raynaud’s, and a few others, but the one that started it all was Sheehan’s.

I was a healthy, vibrant 25-year-old when I gave birth to my first and only child. After 20+ hours of labor, I finally gave birth to an 8lb, 10oz baby boy. Immediately, the doctor said something was wrong and I needed to be sedated. It seems that the placenta stuck to my uterus and the doctor decided to detach it by pulling it off. Ouch! After this I was put in recovery. Since I was unconscious, I have no idea how long it was before they finally checked on me. When they did, they found my nearly dead body with 7 pints of blood in the bed. My uterus had prolapsed into my vagina. Through medical technology, they saved me, but not my pituitary gland. It took 12 more years, many doctors, and my almost dying for the 2nd time for doctors to do the necessary tests to find out that I did not have a pituitary gland and that I have Sheehan’s Syndrome. I was known as a walking miracle.beach-rocks

Thus, at the age of 25 my life changed dramatically. I lost a lot of my life including my marriage, my son who eventually went to live with his dad and new step-mom, and a great number of choices. What I didn’t lose was my core – who I am. In fact, that part of me probably got stronger.

What I now Know and would love to share – My Legacy

I know that I am NOT my illness – rather I am always bigger than my illness. How do I know this? I have learned it the hard way.

I am resilient. Hopefully, you are, too. Resilience in coachable! Yup, we know that there is probably no cure for our disease, but with resilience we are empowered!

Sure, I went through the Why Me stage? My life is horrible! I even thought about suicide. But I came out the other end.  I KNOW THAT YOU CAN, TOO!

You are more than a title of whatever disease you have. You have a name, a past, and most of all, a future.

I would love to hear from you. You can respond to this blog and let me know what your chronic disease is and how it affects you. Maybe we can even get an advise/support blog going.

If you need help with staying positive or overcoming life’s up and downs, then let’s talk. I am available either in person or over the phone. I offer a FREE 30 minute Discovery Session. Just click on to schedule yours. I look forward to helping you to rediscover the YOU who you are at your core.

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