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What is Consulting Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy, also referred to as clinical or consulting hypnosis, is the application of hypnosis with the authorization and under the supervision of licensed medical professionals as an aid to enhance wellness. By communicating directly with the subconscious mind, hypnosis is used to address a wide variety of physiological, emotional and behavioral issues.

Working in Cooperation with the Medical Field - Disclaimer

As consulting hypnotherapists, we do not independently work with medical conditions, diagnose, treat or prescribe. We do not practice psychotherapy, we teach and train our clients how to shift limiting beliefs, reach their goals and enhance their wellness using hypnotic techniques.

We only facilitate, enhance and support wellness around diagnosed physical, mental and emotional symptoms with the authorization and under the supervision of medical doctors, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners. Working with licensed medical practitioners enables us to help enhance the wellness of their patients around symptoms of stress, sadness, worry, sleep quality, fear and a wide range of mental, emotional and physiological issues.

Please note we do require a physician's authorization before initiating work on pain or some other diagnosed conditions and work only under physician guidance. Working in close cooperation with your medical team enables us to ensure your progress in an optimal manner.


Targeting the Source

Most therapeutic methods, such as counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and coaching, work on a conscious level. The conscious mind, however, represents merely the tip of the iceberg. The efficiency of hypnosis lies in its ability to work at a subconscious level, thereby directly targeting the source. Hiding underneath the surface of our conscious mind, the subconscious represents the largest part of our mind.


The Subconscious Mind

While the conscious mind is only capable of holding a small amount of information at any given time, the subconscious mind, on the other hand, stores everything we have learned and mastered through the course of our lives. It also stores our memories, habits and some behaviors. When we first learn to drive a car or operate a complicated piece of machinery, we consciously strain to analyze, memorize and implement each step in a specific sequence. After years of experience and practice, we no longer need to consciously analyze the different actions needed. The control has been handed over to our subconscious mind and we can drive seamlessly from one location to another, while reflecting on perfectly unrelated topics. This illustrates the power of our subconscious mind and the fluidity with which it controls our behaviors most of the time.

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