Fear and Anger

“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” Yoda

How much do you suffer from held anger and hate? How much do those feelings lead your life?

cat-fishngerI have discovered that many of my clients suffer from an unlived life or a partial life due to long held anger toward someone who may not even part of their life any longer. Common sense would tell us to let go of useless anger. But what we tell ourselves in our logical mind does not always pass through to our subconscious, which tends to hold on to anger, fear, and hate year after year after year.

So, how does one get over this – let go for real?

We can go through counseling, but talk therapy does not often do the trick. Sometimes, therapy will even reinforce the negative feelings as we keep tickling the memory by talking about it over and over again. Sometimes therapy is what is needed – that is why we have therapists, but sometimes going through hypnosis is the answer that is needed.

In hypnosis (at least the kind that I do) it allows you to re-experience a negative event and see it from a different perspective allowing you to create a more mature or more proactive experience. Also, in hypnosis you have the opportunity of forgiving the perpetrator. {Important note: Forgiving does not mean forgetting, condoning or liking the perpetrator.} What forgiving does do is allow you to let go of the anger, the hate, and in the end, the suffering. This allows you to start living your life without all the baggage.

So, you can start living your life your way.

What are you carrying around that is no longer useful? What fear, anger, hate are you ready to let go of to end the suffering.

P.S. Thanks Yoda

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