Fearless Living

Fearless Living is back

In coaching I find that many of my clients are living a fear-based, rather than faith-based life. And that makes so much sense. Look at our media, it is filled with fear. We are told to fear everything from underarm odor to war in the Middle East. There is very little – if anything – about living a faith-based life. In fact, who even knows what a faith-based life is? If you are curious, it is a life that is based on trust, faith, and an inner knowing that I know the right decision for my life. A faith-based life is staying in the moment and not living in the past or in tomorrow, but right here, right now. It is actually a wonderful way to live. It is the way I am constantly working to live my life.

So, who did I learn all this great information from – Rhonda Britten – from her wonderful book, Fearless Living. I read her book and loved it, so I decided to find out more. I went online and took her course in how to teach Fearless Living using her book as a guide.

Since than I have taught several Fearless Living classes. Mostly, I teach it over a conference line in group sessions. This allows people from all over the country to participate.

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