Holiday Season

Take Charge of the Upcoming Holiday Season Now!

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The Autum Equinox! Fall – Crisp Air, Falling Leaves, beautiful colors of orange, red and brown.  I love fall, don’t you?  Bundling up for the cold.  Planting bulbs to come up in the spring.  It is also the beginning of the holiday season.  How do you feel about the holidays?  Do they bring happiness, a huge “to do” list, or maybe the holidays bring sadness or loneliness?  There are ways to cope with all the emotions that get tangled up (like last years Christmas tree lights) around this time of year.

First of all, make sure you take care of yourself.  Often we get so busy taking care of others, we forget the very important duty to take care of ourselves.  When we neglect ourselves, we are not serving others.  Caretakers are often the ones who need caring for.  They are so busy making sure that everyone’s needs are looked after that they forget themselves – affecting their own health.  So, my first advice is self-care.  Granted you may not be showing your toes right now, but go get a pedicure anyway.  It feels wonderful and is time just for you.  Or, bundle up and go out and explore the beauty of mother nature.  When we spend too much time indoors we don’t get to breathe in the clean air we need for our physical and mental health.

Second is to Plan Ahead.  Make a list of everything on your mental “to do” list, and allow your mind to think of other things. Take your list and divide it up into weeks.  This way you avoid the stress of last minute running around.  Remember, everyone else who is stressed and running around at the last minute is stressing your energy field as well.  Prepare in advance and you are protecting your energy field and everyone elses.

Third suggestion is exercise.  Nothing releases the tension in your body and your mind more than a good sweat. Exercising either outside or at the gym; sweating out the toxins is good! Exercise opens up the lungs, cleans out the pores, and really helps your body feel good.  Make sure that if you haven’t exercised for a while to take it slow.  Starting out like gangbusters will only make you sore and you will quit.  Going too fast is a great way to self-sabotage yourself, and you do not want to do that.

Fourth suggestion is to find friends to hang with, laugh with, go to the movies with, take a class with, exercise with, and share meals with.  True friends will not let you hang around in a state of self-pity.  They will hug you when you need a hug and kick you in the tush when you need that as well.  They can also help take the stress out of the holidays.  There is no reason for you to be alone.  Remember, it’s a choice.  Give yourself the power to make a choice that works for you.

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