Frequent Question: How Many Hypnotherapy Sessions Do I Need?

​People who want to make life changes, from anxiety to smoking to weight loss sometimes ask me, “How many hypnotherapy sessions do I need?”

Part of the answer is, “It depends.”

How Hypnosis Works

Hypnotherapy is an easy and low-stress treatment that takes you into a relaxed state. While you’re in that state — awake and aware — the hypnotherapist can have a conversation with your subconscious mind. Working together, you and the therapist discover what’s holding you back from what you’re trying to accomplish.

Because hypnosis works beneath the “radar” of your conscious mind, we can get at the deep reasons you continue habits you would prefer to stop. Hypnotherapy is like “installing antivirus software into the hard drive of the subconscious mind,” says Deb Yaffee.

Even so, as a hypnotherapist, I can’t make you change.

Imagine that someone comes to hypnotherapy to quit smoking, but only because his family members demanded it. If he doesn’t want to quit, he simply won’t. Or if he quits for a short time, it won’t last.

How Many Hypnotherapy Sessions Do I Need?

If you are seeking real change, we can probably accomplish it in about five weekly hypnotherapy sessions of two hours each. Five weeks is a very short time to end a long-time unhealthy behavior

It can take time and repetition to change undesirable behaviors to the ones you want. In my practice, I use the 7th Path Hypnosis System, which gives you the tools to continue your work at home.

The 7th Path program encourages you to practice your new way of being with simple twice-daily meditation exercises that are a form of self-hypnosis. Practice makes permanent.

If, for some reason, there’s a need for more hypnotherapy sessions, we can always add one or two.

It’s impossible to do “too many” hypnosis sessions, because it’s just a matter of relaxing conversation. You make your own discoveries and your own decisions.

Get Answers to Your Hypnotherapy Questions

Hypnotherapy gets down to the level of the barriers holding you back from the new life you’re looking for.

The 7th Path System “has built-in steps that work toward removing old subconscious barriers to successful living.”

If you think hypnosis might help you make that change you desire, schedule a free discovery session. I’ll help you decide if hypnosis might be right for you.

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