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What is Hypnosis

“Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes and cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought or image. What we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives.” ~ Robert Collier

Imagine yourself in the most perfect relaxed state. Feeling yourself let go of all the days stress. Now imagine yourself in such a relaxed state that you are able to dig deeper into your past traumas and difficulties and revise, eliminate or transform them, in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

As your therapist, I will guide you naturally into a deep state of relaxation. You will gently and safely be taken back in time to discover past connections to current issues, patterns and blocks and enabled to release repressed emotions, change unhealthy beliefs, while making new, healthier life decisions. Because the work takes place in the subconscious mind where the original trauma memory is stored, healing and transformation happen faster than with traditional talk therapy, which uses only the conscious mind.

No Clucking Chickens

All of us are familiar with the theatrical hypnotists who make you cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog among other silly things. This gives people the wrong impression and causes you to believe that hypnotists control your mind.

During stage show hypnosis, those that volunteer are people who want to have a good time and enjoy being in a stage show. Stage show hypnotists pick their subjects carefully; those who are willing participants in the fun.

Therefore, there is absolutely no chance that during therapy you will “embarrass” yourself in any way. Under hypnosis you are in a heightened state of concentration and relaxation. You will not do or say anything that is against your morals, values or character. You cannot be talked into doing anything against your will., I am committed and obligated to operate under the highest ethical standards issued by the National Hypnotist Guild of which I am a member, and risk losing my certification if I violate those standards.

No Svengali Mind Control

No, there is no mind controlling in hypnosis. You always have the power to accept or reject any suggestion. In fact, hypnosis enables you to control your mind better. You will begin to recognize the attempts to control your mind through “hypnotic suggestions” that are present in advertising and media. Hypnosis can help you understand how better to reject suggestions that occur when others try to manipulate you.

Most importantly, hypnosis empowers you to recognize that all the answers are within you. I teach self-hypnosis and assist you in discovering your own inner resources. You are always in charge of the process.

Naturally Hypnotized

We are constantly hypnotizing ourselves with suggestions every day. Unfortunately, these suggestions do not always serve our higher good. For example, have you ever said any of the following to yourself?

“I’m never going to feel better.”

“The world is dangerous. I can’t feel safe.”

“I can’t just be myself, I have to try harder.”

“I will never get all my work done.”

“I am so fat.”

These are powerful suggestions. Since our subconscious doesn’t know the difference between reality and what we tell it, these are the thoughts that will create your realities, AND these are the thoughts that trigger the complex chemicals in your brain, producing either happy or sad feelings.

Hypnosis can help you release unwanted thoughts and feelings and “reprogram” your thoughts and decisions about life. Positive, healthy thoughts increase the release of the “happy drugs” (Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins, etc.) that your brain naturally produces. This is why hypnosis can speed many types of healing and relieve anxiety and depression.

My training is through both The Wellness Institute, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy and Cal Banyan’s 5-Path Hypnotherapy.  Schedule a Free Discovery Session



Use Hypnosis for weight control.

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