Interested in coaching? What can you afford?

heartLet me do a free Sage-ing Workshop for you. I cannot graduate until I do several workshops – so I am really looking for “gigs.” What is really cool is that I cannot charge for these workshops until I graduate, so they are FREE until July 2013.

heartDo you have something you would like to work on? If so, let me coach you so that I can get back into the swing of coaching. Cost is what they can afford.

heartDo you have a friend who could use coaching? A friend or family member who is having difficulty with his or her age-ing? Please let them know about me. Again, for the rest of this year, cost is what they can afford

heartIf goals have been something that you set each year only to find it more of a chore than fun, then maybe the new edition of my book will help.

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