It’s been a busy year!

The Monkey On Your Back


I am so excited! Yes! I did it! It is done! Yesterday, December 27th I handed in the 6 copies of my 137-page thesis on Intergenerational Communities. This will mean that I get my 2nd masters dated 2012. Wow! Getting it done and handed in was like taking a monkey off my back. Just to let you know, monkeys are not fun hanging on your back all day nagging at you.

Do you have any monkeys that are hanging onto your shoulders weighing you down? I bet it would feel good to get those dudes gone. A coach helped me get mine off – maybe I can help you with yours.

So, are you setting goals for 2013? I already have my goals outlined for me. As per usual, it will be a busy year. First of all I have my Sage-ing Leadership program to finish. I am suppose to fulfill all my assignments by this summer in order to graduate. I am already working on that one.

I also really want to get serious about my bucket list. Just a few months ago I fulfilled something on my bucket list which was to got to a Murder Mystery Dinner. I did. My girlfriend and I dressed up as husband and wife. I wore a mustache, hat, cane, pink tennis shoes, and a clip on tie. They asked me to be a part of the play – I said sure. I was totally stoked. I ended up playing the groom and I was even the murderer – although I didn’t know I had “done it” until the end. It was so much fun! It was one of the highlights of my life. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, it has given me the courage to try out for our community theater. (I will keep you posted on that).

So, think about your Bucket List. The Bucket List is an important part of the book I wrote on goal setting as it really does inspire you to do things you might say otherwise is silly, or not possible. You’d be surprised what your Bucket List might inspire you to do.

See you next year. Happy New Year’s everyone.

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