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Meet Judith Auslander

Life Coach - Hypnotherapist - Wisdom Guide

Since 2006, I've been a life coach, hypnotherapist, and wisdom guide for people in Portland/Beaverton, Oregon, and around the world (Canada, Central America, Japan, and more!). My greatest joy is your transformation, empowerment, and renewed confidence.

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Around the Block

When I was 55, I went through a period of devastating depression. I had just lost my father (I had lost my mother at 32), and I was now officially an orphan. I felt alone! On top of that, I moved from Eugene to Beaverton, leaving all my friends behind and socially starting over. I was lost and lonely. Then, after only three weeks on the job that I had moved here for, I was fired. I felt that life couldn't have gotten any worse. I was seriously depressed. I created my own dungeon of despair. I was ready to live in that dungeon forever, but something inside me wouldn't let me. After battling suicidal thoughts, I made a profound decision: "No more! No More" became my battle cry as I fought my way back to life. I hired a life coach to help me rediscover my inner strength - the me I had lost. After going through coaching, I realized that coaching was something I could use to pay it forward and help others who are fighting to live the life they choose and deserve. Here are some of my life lessons:

  • No matter how dark today is, the sun will rise tomorrow
  • Heartbreak and tragedy have taught me the value of bending my knees to the floor
  • Coming close to death several times and yet continuing to live has taught me that God must not be finished with me
  • Today is too important to waste on anger, guilt, pride, fear, and all those other ego-driven thoughts

My life experiences have made me a better, more understanding, and more dedicated coach and have given me the skills to guide you not just to survive, but to thrive. Judith Auslander As a Boomer who grew up with The Beatles, the Cold War, JFK, beatniks and hippies, I can relate to my clients who are transitioning to a new stage of life. I enjoy meaningful relationships with them. Through my program, The Third Act, I'll help you age with more pizzazz.  Today, when I'm not working with you, along with my therapy dog, Ms. Riley, you might find me going to plays, movies, and outings; spending time with family and friends; engaging in my favorite form of mediation knitting needles in hand. I enjoy Tai Chi and exercising, as well as eating healthy natural foods.


Focus on You

A sign on my door declares my office a non-judgement zone, and I mean it. By taking myself out of the equation, I become a more supportive listener and a more efficient coach. Giving you the center stage invites a higher spirit into our conversation. We rise above the mundane and move into a deeper, more healing session. Coaching or hypnosis sessions are a spiritual conversation focused on you and your success.


Are You in Transition?

You might be facing the death of a loved one, divorce, an empty nest, loss of a job, a career change, or a move to a new home. The happiest changes can bring pain, and the saddest changes can bring opportunity. I can help you make decisions and live the life you want.


Are You Suffering from Old Habits?

Whether you struggle with fear, addictions, or toxic self-talk, your mind is active in maintaining the seeming "safety" of past efforts to adapt to bad situations. Hypnosis can give you the power to break old patterns of thought and behavior that have held you hostage to the past.


Are You Seeking More Meaningful Relationships?

New relationships demand new communication skills. Existing relationships change over time, so that what was "OK" yesterday may not be so today. I'll help you develop these skills and navigate these changes, so that you can bring full meaning to your relationships.

Are You Launching a New Venture?

As a female solopreneur, I understand the alternating terror and delight of starting and running a business. Having been in business since 2006, I know what you are going through. I also know first-hand that I would not be where I am without help. I guide women solopreneurs on how to move forward with clarity and courage so they can consistently make decisions about their business (and life) from a place of integrity, intuition and inner wisdom.


What Clients Say

Education and Certifications

As a lifetime learner, I continually seek to improve my knowledge and skills to help you live the life you want. I have 2 Master's Degrees from:

  • Education, Pacific University, Eugene, Oregon
  • Interdisciplinary studies, with a focus in gerontology, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, Oregon

I've attained certifications in coaching and hypnosis. I am also a 7th Path Self Hypnosis Instructor, Core Value Index Assessor, and Aging Leader.

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