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Meet Riley Girl




When you come to my Beaverton office for life coaching or hypnotherapy, you’ll meet my good friend and associate, Riley Girl the Emotional Support Dog.

Riley came to me from a shelter in Mexico through the OFOSA (Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals.)

As so often happens, I wasn’t looking for Riley, but she was looking for me – and found me. I was trying to get the attention of a shih tzu, who apparently wasn’t interested in becoming a therapy dog. Six month old Riley came screeching around the corner and landed upside in my lap. It was like she was saying, “Hi, I’m yours!”

And she was mine – and I was hers. We were bonded from that instant.

Riley was born for the work she does in my office. She greets clients with love and acceptance and helps everyone to feel at ease. During coaching or hypnosis, she goes into her little “Girl Cave” under the table and is quiet as a mouse until the session is over.

Riley never barks, growls, or bites. She is great with both adults and kids. She is my angel dog — sent to me by my angels.

Riley is a certified Emotional Support Dog and loves her work. And my clients love her.


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