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I am a ready to be your Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Wisdom Guide. As a certified Life Coach, Heart Centered  & 5 Path Hypnotherapist, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis, Sage-ing Leader, Core Value Index, and Reiki Practitioner I place high value in on the relationship we will build together. Most importantly, I look forward to being your guide and confidant.

Since 2006, I have assisted people in Portland/Beaverton Oregon, as well as internationally (Canada, Central America, Japan…and more!). I am happy to say that my coaching & hypnosis has received great praise. My greatest joy, however, is the gift of a client’s transformation, empowerment and renewed confidence. It’s a WOW!

Boomer Change Agent

My passion is to assist you in transforming your life. You know that feeling when things just don’t feel right and you know a change is necessary? That’s where coaching can be an amazing asset in helping you release limited thinking and beliefs and instead discover a life of endless possibilities. Being a Boomer who grew up with The Beatles, the Cold War, JFK, Beatniks and Hippies, I can relate to my clients and enjoy meaningful relationships with them. Please visit The Third Act to find out more about how we can age differently and with more pizzazz.

Focused On YOU!

Our coaching or hypnosis sessions are a spiritual conversation which are focused on you and your success. By taking myself out of the equation, it allows me to be a more efficient coach, a more supportive listening ear, and invites in a higher spirit into our conversation. This helps us to rise above the mundane and move into a deeper, more healing session.

Lifelong Learner

As a lifelong learner, it is no surprise that I have two Master Degrees – one in Education and the other in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in gerontology. I love the state of being open and ready to learn something new. I am constantly updating my skills so that I can be a better coach and/or hypnotherapist for you.


I’ve been in business for myself since 2006 and I’ve noticed that we solopreneurs have a deep appreciation for how inner work has a transformational effect on the outer experience of our business. That’s why I guide women solopreneurs on how to move forward with clarity and courage so they can consistently make decisions about their business (and life) from a place of integrity, intuition and inner wisdom.

Been Around the Block

Having gone around the block a few times, I have gained many life experiences; one being that the sun will still rise tomorrow – no matter what my “major” issue might be – the sun is still gonna rise. Life has taken me down many roads including Southern California, Washington State, 5 years in El Salvador, and back to the United States to Oregon. Never being simple, life has included many tragedies and heartbreak – I have had the opportunity to learn the benefit of bending my knees to the floor. Nearly dying several times I have come to the belief that I must not be fully cooked yet as God keeps sending me back for more life education. Because of this, life is more precious to me. I realize that today is important, and not to waste it with anger, guilt, pride, fear and all those other “ego driven” thoughts. These experiences have made me a better, more understanding, and more dedicated coach and better able to guide my clients to not just survive, but to thrive.

Giving Back

I believe in volunteering in my community and currently serve as secretary on both the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee and on the County Disabled Services Advisory Council. I also am a part of Dress for Success coaching women in ways to change their lives and to attain their dreams and with Mercy Corps, mentoring solopreneurs toward success.

Why choose me?

There are a lot of coaches and hypnotherapists out there – so why choose me?

heartDo you work and need evening or weekend appointments – no problem!

heart  Would you rather meet in person or by phone? No problem!

heartAre you a Boomer who is looking for what is next? That is one of my specialities!

heartAre you a female solopreneur  (start up or ready to grow) I am ready to help guide you through the next steps!

heartAre you in transition and looking for some extra assistance along the way – you will have my full support!

heartAnd most importantly: Because I care about Your Success, Your Joy, Your Life Satisfaction!

I believe in YOU and your ability to overcome whatever obstacle is stopping you from living life to the fullest.

Family Oriented

I have a teenage granddaughter whom I love spending time with. Together we enjoy going to plays, movies and outings. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. At home, you can almost always find me in my natural form of meditation – knitting needles in my hand. I also enjoy Tai Chi and exercising as well as eating healthy natural foods.

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