Celebrate Your Personal Independence by Finding Your Soul Purpose

Find your soul purpose

Happy Fourth of July!

As we celebrate our national independence, we might also ask, “What does independence mean for me? Am I following others’ expectations, rather than discovering my soul purpose in life?”

If the question of discovering the true purpose of life resonates with you, I can help. I offer a Soul Purpose Hypnosis that explores those deep questions surrounding discovering your soul mission.

Soul Purpose Definition

What is my soul purpose? Mohit Tahiliani writes:

Our Soul Purpose is our unique ability to be good in a particular area of Life, which we enjoy to the fullest and which we can do it easily compared to other people.

Another way to look at your soul purpose is as your deepest talent, your driving passion.

Knowing your purpose in life can give you the sense of direction you need to be sure of who you are and where you’re meant to be going.

Discover Your Soul Purpose

If you’d like to know more about your soul purpose, I invite you to stop by for a chat at the Sun, Sand, Surf and Psychics Healing Faire, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, July 22, sponsored by If The Broom Fits, located at 8845 SW Commercial Street, Tigard.

Among other things, I’ll be able to answer your questions and give you a special coupon price on my Soul Purpose Hypnosis Program.

The Soul Purpose Program is a 2-hour hypnosis session that takes a deep dive into your soul purpose in life. Together we explore how you have shaped your experience and how you can become the extraordinary person that you are.

In this hypnosis program, I’ve heard people’s voices change as their soul begins to communicate with me. I’m in awe to hear their insights as they respond from a higher place.

​During this intense session, clients discover why they chose this particular time to live, what they are here to accomplish, what people they are supposed to meet on this journey, and what cords from the past need cutting.

My clients have said that discovering their soul mission and life purpose changed their lives. It helped find out if they have any cords they need to cut from the past.

The Soul Purpose Program is 2 hours of hypnosis for $250. At the end, you take away a complete recording of the session, so that you can use it to continue the transformation you desire in your life.

Please visit my booth at the Sun, Sand, Surf and Psychics Healing Faire, ask any questions you might have, and receive your $35 discount.

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