Take time to Pause

Take Pause

What does it mean to Pause? What could you accomplish in a moment’s Pause?

Good questions – yes?

How many of you actually take time during your day to Pause? If you are like me – not near often enough. I even went so far as to purchase a bracelet that has a buzzer that goes offmani, orologio, ora, tempo, velocit every 90 minutes to remind me to Pause. The only problem with it is that every 90 minutes I am treated with a shock to my system as it buzzes on my wrist.


I took it off. And there went $40 down the drain.

Although I don’t miss the vibration on my wrist, I do miss that reminder to just take a moment and breathe. Ahhhh! What a difference a moment of just noticing my breathing makes.


So, what can you do when you take a moment to Pause during your busy day?Just breathe

You can:   Be grateful,  Say a prayer, Breathe, Send a text to someone saying, “I love you”,Look in the mirror and smile and send love all over yourself,Stretch (my dog constantly stretches),Self-Check and ask yourself how you are feeling,Close your eyes for 30 seconds, Drink water, Raise and lower your shoulders and shake out your hands, Go outside and relish in some fresh air.

Next question is how to remind yourself to take that moment? A way that doesn’t jolt the system. Do you have any ideas? I would love for you to share how you remind yourself to take that moment to pause. Please share because someone – like me – might really appreciate it.share


For now –pause – sighing off – Ahhhh!





Lois Shannon on March 18, 2016 at 2:44 pm
blank-postHi Judith, I love this post as I am a big believer that any change or transformation starts with a Pause. I also feel that with our very busy lives we can need a reminder to stop and breath. I feel we often need ‘Permission to Pause’ as women. Pause is the beginning of a 4 step process we have at The Women’s Network, a platform for women’s healing and reclaiming our sovereignty. We developed an app to do just what you are referring to in your post, a reminder to take a Mindful breath. It’s called Airin. We are getting approval from Apple and it should be ready to sell soon. You can get an idea about it if you go to the Womens Network. I love all of the ideas you have for what we can do when we take this moment to pause in our day:)

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