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Sometimes I am a Biatch!

Recently, I have had to face a few things in my life that have made me angry, created necessary changing of plans, and all in all, asked me to be more flexible then I wanted to be.

All of this change had made me feel – well – pissy! Do you ever feel pissy? When she comes out, I usually wish I could eliminate her. She is not the nicest of people – mostly because she doesn’t feel very nice. The “pissy” me is short with people (beyond my normal height challenges) and has an unpleasant face and can be an all around biatch (if unsure what a biatch is, please visit

Sometimes being a biatch makes me feel regretful for my bad behavior. But sometimes … well, she makes me feel almost powerful. Maybe the whole reason I amsnake being a biatch is because I feel so powerless about things that are going on in my life. When I am the biatch then I am Wonder Woman, the Goddess Lilith, and maybe even a bit of Medusa. “Take that people who get in my way … ha ha ha …. I am the great and terrible Judith – stay away.”

So, is crazy biatch Judith so horrible? Actually, I am not so sure she is. Sometimes, we just have to get our bad on so that we can feel that we have some power in a world that doesn’t leave a lot of room for us to feel empowered. Granted, I would not want to stay in this mood for very long, because the biatch Judith is actually not very happy. What she really wants to do is curl up and cry – either that or hit something – or just make the world an easier place to live.

So, what do you do when you feel your inner biatch come out? Do you stifle her? Do you let her out to have her fun? Do you explain to people that you are just feeling a bit biatchy today? I think I do all of the above. The last few weeks I just felt like there were too many things hitting me at once – health, business, emotional, and I just wanted it all to go away. I like peace and calm – and I felt as if my inner peace and calm was being threatened. Instead of lying down and just accepting it – my inner biatch came out to – well – protect me.


Maybe that is it, she is my guardian angel to help me release all my anger and frustration so that I don’t hurt myself so much inside. It doesn’t mean that I feel good about being mean, rather it means, at least I am letting my anger out and not just holding it in. I know that there are better ways of dealing with all this emotion, but sometimes – well – I just figure the biatch serves her brief purpose.

Please share about the last time you let your inner biatch out.

Responses to Sometimes I am a Biatch

Suz on September 14, 2015 at 9:09 pm

suz Mine comes out occasionally. I like peace and quiet also. I like my routine and when that gets disrupted it can make me really crabby. Or when I have to drop everything I’m doing and clean up a mess or do someone else’s job for them because they are – well- inept, I get a little cranky. I have also found that if I forget to increase my hydrocortisone when I’m really stressed it only makes it worse. I usually don’t hold my anger in.

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